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Lab News


Lab News

May 2019

Poonam Agarwal, Postdoctoral Student in the Wang Lab, presented at the 2019 Society for Investigative Dermatology her work on Multivalent chromatin looping orchestrates cellular reprogramming for advanced gene therapy.


August 2018

Lesley Avila Rojas, a rising senior at San Mateo High School and participant in the 2018 RISE Program presented a poster at their end-of-summer reception.

Lesley Avila Rojas’ RISE poster, August 2018

Lesley Avila Rojas’ RISE poster, August 2018

April 2018

Derek Le and Mo Ameen, 2 graduate students, joined the Wang Lab each having been presented with National Science Foundation Awards.

January 2018

Stefanie Morgan successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations!

September 2017

Stefanie Morgan, Wang Lab graduate student, placed 2nd in best talks for her presentation at the 40th Cancer Biology Program Scientific Conference held by Stanford University's Cancer Department.

Speaking on 'Manipulation of Nuclear Architecture Through CRISPR-Mediated Chromosomal Looping'

Speaking on 'Manipulation of Nuclear Architecture Through CRISPR-Mediated Chromosomal Looping'

September 2017

Stefanie Morgan, Wang Lab graduate student, featured in The Stories in Science project published by The Stem Advocacy Group in Boston.  The group believes that education with a strong foundation in science is a critical component for global economic growth, social advancement, and ultimately, global peace. Discovering the Scientist Within Me

August 2017

Stefanie Morgan, Wang Lab graduate student, presented a poster at the 2017 Gordon Research Conference on Genome Architecture in Hong Kong to rave reviews.  The interest in her poster led to Stefanie presenting a talk on the subject of 'Manipulation of Nuclear Architecture Through CRISPR-Mediated Chromosomal Looping.'

June 2017

Erin Chang joined us as a permanent Research Assistant from Boston University, filling a very important chair in the lab!!

March 2017

Natasha Mariano left to return to Massachusetts for the summer before heading to NYC and Cornell University as a graduate student in their Molecular and Cell Biology Ph.D. Program.  Congratulations Natasha!!!

September 2016

John I Brauman, J.G. Jackson and C.J. Wood Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University, Emeritus, joined the Wang Lab as a senior intern.  Welcome John!

May 2016


Star Huynh, an undergraduate researcher in the lab, received the Undergraduate Advising and Research Major Grant award for her project entitled: "The Role of RNA in Mediator Complex Function." Congratulations Star!

March 2015

The Wang Lab was awarded funding from the Women & Sex Differences in Medicine (WSDM) Center. The WSDM seed grant is designed to promote research on sex differences across a variety of disciplines. 

Stefanie Morgan was recently awarded the 2015 National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship. This prestigious 3-year fellowship is awarded to 200 US doctoral students annually for advanced training in science and engineering.  Congratulations Stefanie!

Andrew Spencley was accepted into Ph.D. programs at UC San Diego and Ohio State University, as well as the Cancer Biology Ph.D. program at Stanford University. Congratulations and best of luck Andrew!

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January 2015

Yunhai Luo arrived in the lab as a postdoctoral fellow from Weill Cornell Medicine.  Welcome Yunhai!

August 2014

Natasha Mariano joined the lab as research technician from Bridgewater State University. Welcome Natasha!